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It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted any craft related post/subject on my blog. Sadly, what with being busy nearly 24/7 and being the eldest, when I try to set aside a little “me time” it hardly follows through (but I get to slip a few days here and there). But WOW! The comments I’ve been receiving for a bit of crafting or ideas, even someone asked me to make a video on making some goth crafting and/or makeup tutorials (I hardly think YouTube is ready for such mediocrity). And as I’ve mentioned before, the videos I’ve posted or made, thus far, are about the events/conventions I attend along with some videos of my friends. No one on one with this Goth girl. haha I’m sorry. Now that doesn’t mean I haven’t given any thought to the question, I’m just to much of a, oh I don’t know, scaredy-cat. XD But, maybe I’ll consider doing one video. I’m not sure.

Tell you what, for those of you who have been asking me to make a turtorial, I’ll show a few photos of some makeup ideas of mine. Whichever one is commented on, or liked the most, etc. I’ll make a video tutorial on that. Deal?

-,.,- What I subject myself to… oh boy.

Anywho, today’s craft (well, tonight actually) is making your own “Dotted Lace Hairclip”. It’s a cute and useful little thing/accessory.

Materials you’ll need:

  • Glue gun
  • A lighter
  • A hair clip
  • A small Cameo (about the size of you thumb nail)
  • Black diamond shaped beads (linked)
  • half inch bit of felt
  • Dotted lace fabric (about 5″ in length) cut or sewed into the shap of a bow

After sewing or cutting out you bow shaped dotted, lace fabric (make sure you glue gun is nice and hot, don’t burn yourself) take the small bit of felt and sew or glue (whichever you feel comfortable doing) and glue the fabric to the top of the clip and the felt on the INSIDE of the clip (here’s where you’ll glue the sides of the felt to the fabric if you haven’t sewn it).

20120910-230304.jpg <— Like this.

Now, on the bow place a small dot of glue on the lace bow and stick the linked beads then squeeze on back of cameo and place glued cameo ON TOP of the linked end of the beads. Give it a bit of a press down to ensure that it’s stuck on. Let dry.

Now, without getting our fingertips burnt, carefully burn the loose stitched edges on the fabric so that it does not come undone.

It’s should look like this when you’re done. ^,.,^


20120910-230333.jpg ^,.,^ Hope you love you little hairclip, and do have fun with it and make it your “own”. You don’t have to subject your self to choosing my design.

Tons of Love Bites,