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So… It’s been 22 days since Mizucon and the photos are piling up from events on down to those for my portfolio of Art and Culinary (Culinary portfolio being more for school purposes). But what with now having a bit of a chance, here’s the photos from 2012 Mizucon. ^,.,^

 Spiderweb makeup. So if Spider Man is looking for having someone for dinner tonight, here’s on lovely girl! 😉 My sweet Helen! ^,.,^

Here’s the Ninja herself. Her shirt says “I’m a Fighter not a Lover”. I think she looked rather cute. ❤ Ah, my Tripp Pants wanted show up. XD

It was then time to finish getting ready for the event.

 The lighting was from the restroom we were in at the convention center. Hey, where do you think the majority of the cosplay girls get ready? Home? Not always.

 I think the black-white shade does it justice though.

Hmm, Someone’s in love. ❤

While walking by the posters and Ramune booths (RAMUNE!!) there was a corner where some loud music was blasting and a cage-like cell had a man inside it dancing to a song (I can’t recall the song at the moment) and he was having a “stripper-moment”. Everyone gathered and laughed our lungs out. haha Hey, it’s a convention. What could you expect.

Lolita Booth. Very lovely wigs and Neko (cat) ears.

Outfit for Mizucon (More like my usualy outfits, but this one is more for an event type I suppose).

Gothic smiles. ^,.,^

Confused and using a lousey phone… my phone.

I believe it’s a Lolita girl walking by.

Now this guy did an awesome job with making this bad-ass Iron Man suit/armor.

Lunch Time..

We were very hungry. *growling tummies*

 Pokemon and Sora cosplayer(s).

We tuckered out after a whole day at the convention.

Having a Jokers smile means that the day was awesome!

Tons of Love Bites,