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One of the many articles of clothing that I have within my wardrobe (other than corsets) is blouses (lace blouses that is) to match or pair with my corset dresses or underneath the corsets. Now, problem with searching for those adorable blouses is that you can never find the one you’re really hunting for until it’s either sold out or not in stock (or they simply don’t manufacture them anymore).

But for those of you who read or follow Adora BatBrats lovely blog or have purchased an item from her online shop before you would have noticed that her “Adorable Heart Blouse” will soon be ready to sell!


Designed by Adora BatBrat
The Adorable Heart blouse is made in black chiffon with puff sleeves in a crisp, taffeta dupion.
Heart in pleated chiffon.
8 black buttons.
You will tie it with two single sided satin ribbons (for better grip) around the neck.
BatBrat logo on back.
Product is wrinkle free!!!

Feel free to decorate it to make it your “own”.

So, that’s part of a description from the site on what the beautiful blouse is made out of and more. I know I cannot wait to purchase this beautiful, lacey blouse.

Here’s the Link: http://www.batbrat.com/en/adorable-heart-blouse.html

Tons of Love Bites,