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Being part of a Culinary Institute and attending as a culinary student is loads of fun. Events, Cooking Shows, cooking events, etc are held in the institute, but what makes it all the more fun is that you (being the culinary student) get a chance to participate/asked to help in those events or even be part of an audience (which is what 15 of us were asked to do Thursday). The show we were participating as an audience for is known as LA Chispa and latin cooking show broadcasted in Latin America. So, if some of the viewers in Latin America, para ti tambien Ami (en Panama’) see me, just stop by and comment and hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did along with being a part of it.

Before the show began. We were allowed to take photos before and during the show.

Getting ready for the show (after the interview portion).

Mmm, You know it’s a fun show when there’s a cooling cell for wine. Especially when you find an empty wine bottle underneathe the tables in the audience. The cork was missing, so if we find the cork we know where it all started.

Can’t see them all, but the whole room was packed.

To the right, the camera man behind the blue lit camera, was a bit of a flirt. Sweet guy, but getting attention and doing so infront of loads of students. Flirting with four girls (students at that) isn’t going to get you anywhere love.

Camera! ACTION! haha XD

Time to make some Mango Bread Pudding: Pudin De Mango

Scallops, going to be part of the main dish.

Student chef I believe, but this was the sweet Sous Chef. Awww, such a cutie.

Well, this is a small peak of what being a culinary student is like.

Tons of Love Bites,