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Nominated for such wonderful awards makes my little gothic soul feel all happy and loved inside. I’m happy to see that my readers/viewers/followers enjoy reading my posts (even if they may seem absurd or just down right nonsensical). But, wihoo! One of my lovely bloggers that I enjoy reading and follow (vise versa) http://manbehindthecurtain.ie/; nominated me for this wonderful award. I do have to say, I’m quite astonished to have been awarded/nominated and having received such lovely comments, feedback, etc. I never thought that I’d have so many sweet comments. And so, without further delay.. Time to answer some domande.

* Domanda/e: in Italian means question(s).

1: Who do you think would win in a fight between Elvis and Satan?

I’m feel a bit ambiguous about this question mostly because I’m dealing with a legendary Musician (King of Rock N’ Roll) and a famous character (or Prince of Darkness) from famous literary subjects (i.e. Dante’s Inferno, The Bible, Paradise Lost). But, to settle with a decision, I’d have to say that it would probably be a tie between the two. Satan could tempt Elvis, but Elvis’ music will have the Prince of Darkness start dancing around and even playing along. haha. So they’ll both join “the dark side”. Mwuahahaha XD

2: Who is your style icon?

I’ve had many influences (from music on down to the basic painting), but as for a style icon, to be as blunt as possible, I’ve never had one until three years ago (shocking I know). Sure I’ve had the occasional “mm, she looks pretty, maybe I can do that” thought, but never had a true style icon until I discovered my favorite role model, Adora BatBrat! My style has always been my classic goth, with the PVC corsets (corsets in general), fishnets, stockings, the occasional Tripp Pants (yes, I wear pants too) along with many other things, but I was always a bit… “messy” in planning my outfits (weird thing went on during that time), but I got better around the years of oh… Freshman year (High School). So, no I never had a style icon, but now I do! Her name is Adora BatBrat. But, I’ve also had influences from her sister Iva Insane too. Both lovely girls!

3: If you could marry one fictional character, who would it be?

Hmm, ooh this one’s a toughy. There are sooo many handsome fictional characters that I can think of that I would love, but I have to go with my all favorite one, (from Vampire Kisses) Alexander Sterling. ❤

4: Have you ever had an encounter with the supernatural?

Haha, very much so. If you’ve read my posts with the name “George” you already know I have. But lately there has been a shadow that I’ve seen when I wake up at 03:00 AM. Not as mischievous as George, but I don’t really enjoy walking to and fro from the kitchen with a glass of water to the bathroom to then have a shadow stand right behind me. *Spine tingling* >,.,<

5: What is the strangest dream you’ve ever had?

The most strangest dream I’ve ever had, was this one that I’ve had (reoccurring) for a few years. It’s starts off that I’m with my friends, walking through the Everglades, sometimes the scenery changes to a deserted places, but I’m walking around and suddenly we’re surrounded by water and alligators (don’t ask), and then I’m walking through a meadow leading to a cave like opening covered by a willow tree and a path that is almost too shady to be peaceful. I then venture in, and find something or an item and I here my friends calling for me. Then, it begins to turn sinister, or twisted in a gruesome manner and then I see a face or some bloody thing, then I’m stuck somewhere and I wake up. It goes more into detail, but I hardly remember the rest (maybe for a good reason). o,.,o

6: If there was to be a movie of your life what genre would it be, who would play you and who would do the soundtrack?

If there to be a movie about me, I’d say the genre would be undefined. There would be too many details and situations that have many types of emotions or genre-like scenes that it would be impossible to deem it one genre. Who would play me? Hmm… that’s a wonderful question, but I don’t think I have found anyone (of any famous actor) remotely close to me (in personality or looks). So, if it were to be someone, I’d choose myself (may seem a bit narcissistic, but I just haven’t thought of anyone for that). Who would do the soundtrack? Lord of the Lost and H.I.M.

7: What’s your one most treasured article of clothing?


8: What is your theme song?

That’s a difficult one for me. There’s so many that can describe me, but I’d have to say my theme song would have to be: “It’s a Lifestyle” by Static Icon

9: If your reflection stepped out of the mirror, what would you do?

I would actually ask myself some questions, then maybe take a gander and think of how this would look like and maybe doodle on my reflections face. haha But a perfect photo that my sweet sister (not by blood) Jess found is one that matched me perfectly and describes my personality without words.

It’s me looking at me (I’m sweet yet devilish). 😉

10: Do you have any nicknames? How did you get them?

Yes! I have four: “Izzy”, “Kitsune-chan”, “Isa”, “Iz”. My real name is Isabel, but my nickname “Izzy” or actually it’s my second name (so technically doesn’t count as a nickname) latched onto me and became part of my daily life since I can remember, but my dad was the first one who called me “Izzy”, then friends and so it stuck. But I love both. ❤ “Kitsune-chan” was from freshman year in high school that my lovely sister (not from blood) Vicky gave me.  “Isa” is what my aunt sometimes calls me for short. Last, but not least “Iz” is what my lovely Jess calls me for short as well. XD haha

11: What does V.F.D. stand for?

Hmmm, this stumped me for a little at first, but then I starting guessing… and guessing until I finally came up or decided to settle with my final answer (I hope I’m correct). V.F.D. stands for: Vacuum Fluorescent Display. But now I believe maybe that was too technical.. so perhaps a simple “Very Fun Day”.

Well, seems that I enjoy writing in paragraphs for some reason. Now, for my 11 Questions..

1.) Have you ever had a spinal tap?

2.) Who, would you say or consider, to be your role model?

3.) Have you ever traveled? If so, where to (in the country or out)? What were your expectations and did you meet them?

4.) Mel Brooks or Jeff Dunham?

5.) Who/what is the most influencing musician/person in your life? Why?

6.) If you could meet anyone, at any given moment, who would it be? What would you do?

7.) Ever been to a convention/festival?

8.) What do you hope to accomplish after your college career or set goal?

9.) Have you ever met anyone who is a well-known “public figure”?

10.) What’s the one food you’d wish to eat all the time and never get bored with (this means sweets as well)?

11.) Who is your favorite author/writer/poet? What quote from their works has inspired you? Do you read for recreational reasons?

And now, sweet readers, the 11 nominees:












And now, it’s time for this goth to get to bed, the pillows are calling and having recently gotten over a miniscule cold (just a stuffy nose and had time breathing) >,.,< I should get to rest. Especially since I really haven’t kept that in high priority, I think it’s best to crawl into bed and doze off into my dreamland.

Tons of Love Bites,