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With a cold. -,.,-

It seems to be that time of season again (hopefully not) when Fall begins and all the viruses, colds, flues (you name it) start dancing around in the air and have a party with a contest of how many people they can have become ill. But you have to shape up and take it in as best as possible and REST!! Something I should have already learned how to do, but don’t put that into practice since I’m someone who’s always moving around and going crazy (in a good way).

But apart from having the sniffles; today I was fitted for my Culinary uniform (along with another peer and our chef instructor)! I was the happiest girl and felt as though I were in a wonderland of pure happiness or in my little gothic land. haha

After having written the measurements for the chef jacket, pants, and shoes, it was then time to bid farewell to the bookstore and catch the metromover along with our chef (an awesome and very straightforward yet fun instructor)! Conversed all the way out the store, through the ride and at our stop (learned a lot at the same time). Em, but there was a minor task of importance that I nearly forgot about, the monthly train ticket! Shit, OH NO!!

It was then back to the store, wait 00:20 minutes in line (yes, it’s that busy) and finally purchase the little bugger and head back off to catch the next metromover and train once again (same short route). Thankfully there were no other problems or forgetful events had occurred today except for it being a very rainy day.

 Before catching the train, I looked up and (now that I have a chance to finally take the photo) I found the wonderful sticker of Vampirefreaks still in it’s glorious place and took snapped a photo. ^,.,^

Now it’s time for bed and to rest up for tomorrows class.

I’m dead..

Nighty night.

Tons of Love Bites,