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Four days officially into the Fall semester, but it seems that Thursday had to be the beginning of a late day in the first week. Starting as one of those mornings that you set the alarm, wake up, yet your body is saying “noooooo… I don’t want to move..” yeah, just like that, but I forced my self up and thinking that I was going to have plenty of time to get ready and head out the door just in time to catch the Trolley by 08:20 (I was trying out a “new” wake-up time) failed miserably.
So, an apple here, brushing teeth and combing hair there then to tying up corset dress and boots and THEN to feeding my little brother (mm, 16 minutes gone there) then to grab whatever I didn’t throw in to my backpack and off to the Trolley stop missing it by 2 minutes. Damn it! -,.,-
00:13 minutes go by (it’s already 09:13 by then) and the next Trolley swings by and I’ve made it (now to count the 00:20 minute ride to the station). Got to Douglas Station with a remarkable estimation of arrival (You’re almost there Izzy, don’t give up just yet). Bought my ticket and by a small yet most welcomed miracle from the big man, the train arrived at the station as soon as I got to the platform. *phew*
09:30 by now, each station is two minutes away, (that’s four stations) makes eight minutes for the whole ride until my stop. Arrived at the station, 09:40 (ten minutes passed, noooo!!) run down the stairs, through the gates and to the metro-mover (smaller train like automobile/bus 15-20ft. Above road) five minute ride.
Class starts in five minutes, shit, I’ll make it, I’ll make it!!
Anyway, I did make it to culinary class (two minutes late that is) not good since our instructor is in the class 00:10 minutes before class hour. No worries though, this is NOT a routine nor a habit.
Once in class, let’s just say, we learned a ton and of many things that people even young or old chefs overlook and this course is INDEED an eye-opener. I’ll explain more later in the day. For now, it’s off to my aunts house for a visit and to enjoy the fruits of National Holiday (Labor Day) and not take anything for granted and catch up on some reading and cat napping. >;,.,<;


Tons of Love Bites,