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Four years in love! Can you believe this girl has held on to such a devastatingly, lovely goth boy for so long!? 😉

Four years ago, on this day of August 31, 2008 my darling, gothic boy and I became the cutest gothic couple we are today. Believe it or not, it’s been long distance for these four years. Yes, I’ve recieved every question possible about this: “Have you ever thought of having second thoughts?”, “do you really trust him?”, “how do you know this and how is it that you can actually take it?” etc. Believe me, it is NOT easy. You sometimes have those moments of whether or not you doubt yourself and of just how long it’ll last (which is what everyone one is betting on) and if things will stay the same or not (you know, the little things everyone ponders when involved in a relationship). Then of course there are sad moments one wishes not encounter or cry about, but it does occur when in an interpersonal relationship, and yet, though it has been so long without having the chance to actually hug, kiss, or even poke and have our gothic fun of macabre humor to dancing about and trying to beat eachother at DDR (yes, I do play) it is all worth it in the end (as how a sweet girl in my Humanities class had asked me if it was and I answered with this very same response). So yes, I do have my little moments or tid-bits of sadness, moping around, but not always.

We do speak everyday (as much as possible) and text, although I’m not someone who is all too fond of texting to tell the truth. It does things to my brain that I DO NOT enjoy. Rattles my brain. >,.,<

We send our little care-packages or little gifts showing our affection and behave as a couple, gothic couple, that is very much in love, happy, and enthralled by how long we’ve been as happy as can be so far (especially in a society that does not cherish nor care about keeping anything so precious as that one person you might actually be head-over-heels for). I know this gorgeous boy has tainted my gothic heart and soul with too much happiness, but it’s a good thing! ^,.,^

So if you have that special boy or girl whom you just cannot keep out of your mind, then be happy you are with that devastatingly lovely boy or girl (goth or not) and don’t forget to give them their well deserved kisses and show of affection. ❤


Tons of Love Bites,