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As how I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my uncle and my cousins always come by for a visit every four-five times a year (I wish it were more). T,.,T And so, today happened to be one of those lovely visits although it was a short one (nothing close to the length of time I have to enjoy their presence and conversations we have) due to the storm (Tropical/by tomorrow Hurricane Isaac). But it was, as always, a wonderful and most welcomed visit! I cannot wait till Christmas for their next visit, I do miss them so.

Now what with everyone’s attention going towards this storm, we had to go to the grocery store just for few little things, although when we arrived I was not expecting a huge swarm of people in the grocery store. Well, no. I did, it’s just been so long since the last hurricane (7 years) and to me it was never this bad. Anywho, all I know is that I felt like that one fish in a group of many hungry sharks ready to me apart, fin by scale.

Thankfully I was able to escape the isle of overly stressed people and slip into the next where I was safe with my National Geographic. Nothing wrong with enjoying an insightful magazine such a that. Although, I’m not too happy with Barnes and Nobles at the moment, but that’s a whole other matter. I managed to give my dad a fright with trying to find me. Mmm, not the best of things to do, but apparently I still manage to have that effect on some people even at the age of 19. haha XD

I think I’m going to give my love quite the panic attack when walking around places too. Well, hopefully not. After all, how hard can it be to spot a goth girl in a crowd of regularly dressed people. Not too difficult I’d assume.

 (From my favorite book/gothic manga Vampire Kisses)

Hope everyone here in Florida and the states surrounding Florida are ready and prepared for the storm. Be safe!

Tons of Love Bites,