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“Takoberry!?” You say? “What is that?”

Well, for those of you who have heard/made/eaten the japanese snack Takoyaki you’ll understand where the name “Takoberry” is derived from. With a hint of strawberry of course. But while walking around Mizucon from hall to corridor, to hall way to the Dealers & Artist Alley (I was already losing my mind by then) we FINALLY decided to make up our minds and walk in to see what’s happening with the dealers and new artists. Everything was an attention grabber, from Ramune stands, to little cafe’s, Anime pins, panda, Lolita vendors, and tons more. It was all too overwhelming, but by then we decided to splurge and bought ourselves some pins and a poster and Helen bought a manga (Vampire Knight).

With having had our wallets emptied, well “tied-up” you could say, we had then walked on by to the Artist alley and what luck, out of cash, when I saw the most adorable plush that I just couldn’t help but hug. It was this little “Takoberry”! If you can’t think of it, here’s an explanation:





Takoberry! Taa-daa!

Isn’t it adorable!? Although I do recommend, if you’re making Takoyaki at home or even eating it, as how the lovely vendor and I discussed, here she is:

They might not feel all to happy seeing that, so it’d be best to turn them to the side, for the time being or hey; you might just have a cannibalistic Takoberry on your hands who wouldn’t mind joining you for a bite of some delicious Takoyaki.

**WARNING!: Cannibalistic Takoyaki is not to be returned. Once in possession or in the confines of your home, it is forever yours.

But you know you’d never give him back because he smells so sweet (just like a strawberry) and is extra-squishy! ^,.,^

So, go on and check these little darlings out! For these little guys would be more than happy to be part of your family and as how their creators will be for you choice in purchasing, viewing their website and item.

I know I was, and will be as soon when I have that Takoberry in my gothic clutches. ^,.,^

Don’t forget to subscribe, and can’t wait to see the little darlings at the dinner tables or out on town. It will be a Takoberry infestation, along with Skelanimal Bats!! Mwuahahahahahaha!!!

Web link: http://takoberry.com/

Principal Creative Developer: Veronica Portilla (I believe that was the lovely girl we met!)

That’s my tip for today!

Oh! One more thing, being that this is all about Takoyaki and Takoberry, here’s an awesome “How To” video on making Takoyaki by: Cookingwithdog

Believe me, it’s not what you think.

Check them out and do subscribe to their channel (if you enjoyed the video and others). I promise you will not be disappointed if you practice these recipes in your own home.

Tons of Love Bites,