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WARNING: If messages/emails sent to my email izzylovesyou305@hotmail.com go unanswered; I do apologies for the inconvenience. My email has sadly been tampered with or possibly hacked.

I am getting to the bottom of this, but I strongly urge for those who have hotmail, to check with your security settings and change your password frequently. Hotmail has been having some security breach recently with quite a few email accounts, mine is apparently a strong case of security breach and is the 200th-500th one reported today.
Not to worry though, I’m resolving the issue and hoping to have it back up and running, but some changes will be done.
Do be aware that it only takes one idiot to screw it up for everyone else. In the case of this issue the idiot is the hacker/spammer/moronic fool and everyone is the general public/email accounts.
If I were to get my nails around their throats they would not see the light of day.

Tons of Love Bites,

This is how they would look like when I’d be through with such unfortunate soul.