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Before curling up into bed and saying goodnight to you darling love or skelanimal and velvet vampire pillow, you always want to make sure you’re going to sleep in a lovely bed and make sure that all the windows are shut so the bed bats don’t bite (much). But when your a sleepy goth, or someone who’s quite the photo-crazed/neat/vintage loving girl as I, a really cool bed linen to fall asleep under and stay nice and warm in is just the ticket! I’m also bookworm you see (yes, and believe me, those of you out there who are always saying eww to books and that it’s annoying to read recreationally or even read at all, you’ll regret saying that later on in the future; for reading and knowing how to read is your best friend in life) so I was in B.B.B (BedBathBeyond) with my lovely Helen and guess what, we found the coolest bed comfortor and linen we’ve ever seen!

Yes, we had our fun with taking the photo’s haha ^,.,^

Here’s a better picture of the bedding.

Wouldn’t it be neat to just wake up to a reversable comfortor like one such as this and have time to yourself to read it in the early morning? I know I would since I haven’t had much time for myself to read anything of the sort except for street signs and here and there phrases. But I think it would throw my moms brain off to a scattered thought of confusion and with it being black and white I think she’d like it with a bit more color thrown in. But hey! There’s always a whole lot of color around me, I am an artist and I do paint you know.

But it is a beautiful bed set.


Besides cute bedding, I would kill to paint a lovely mural along the walls of my room (but it would have to conform to something all of us, my siblings and I, would agree on). Sadly that won’t ever happen, but white walls are nice since it allows for MORE to be introduced from my paintings, so.. wihoo!! ^,.,^

Although, not everyone enjoys the same things, so if you want more variety check out a post here on Adora for cool bed frames and little tid-bits on making your “fantasy/dream room”. Now of course, this is just a little post on an interesting suggestion and of my Monday fun with my friend Helen. ^,.,^


Tons of Love Bites,