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From having a scissor cut my finger to having my dogs turn against me and try to kill me while walking down the hallway nothing more could possibly happen or go worng. Well, nothing went wrong, but apparently George has struck again and is in on playing tricks more than ever, especially impersinating Jojo. O,.,O

While playing chase with the crazy puppy, apparently we found out the we weren’t alone. After coming out of hiding, my sister went towards the gate and I towards one side of the house. I heard some rustling and began calling Jojo, she did just the same. But either we were seeing double or Jojo was able to run like the Flash

and make it to me in just a milisecond. Highly impossible, and right when I called for the big lug, that shadowy figure also moved as well. So looks like George is trying to have some fun out of the house walls as well, but with a frightening twist. Showing no definition,detail or eye shine from this shadow firgue..

I can only hope for sleep and less pain in the pinky. -,.,-

Tons of Love Bites,