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I’ve always wanted to give it a go at making my own original gothic or vintage umbrella. Considering that it’s always sunny and can rain whenever it’s ready to pour down here in Florida, I’m always in need of an umbrella. Sometimes of course, I end up forgetting my parasol/umbrella at home or at a friends house then when I’m in desperate need of it I’m either stuck having to buy a small yet overly expensive umbrella or walk on out into the heat of the sun without protection. So I got to thinking, if I were to make one (or place the damn thing somewhere I’d remember where I put it down so I would remember to grab it) maybe I wouldn’t forget it. Plus, it just seems like a wonderful DIY idea and gives me a great chances to get my artsy-speedy brain back in check and working again by excercising my art skills and not losing them.

So where to look but at http://www.strazor.com/blog/. I was stumped when I was looking around for a decent tutorial on making your own parasol, sadly the majority were of poor quality and did not show the necessary steps in order to complete your DIY umbrella task. Looking around a little more paid of since I was able to find the link to strazor’s blog post showing just how to make your very own parasol and giving it a special signature item on it that makes it truly your own.

Here’s the link: http://www.strazor.com/blog/fashion/easy-diy-parasol-from-an-umbrella-skeleton/

 (Parasol from Strazor)

Or if you don’t want to get your stitchery on, then go check out her awesome shop.


Tons of Love Bites,