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I never know exactly what will happen as soon as I walk out the door, but receiving compliments is definitely something that (not that it rattles my brain), but is not that I expect. Usually half the time I’m met with a question or a gesture of curiosity or cute smiles from little kids, but the rest is always “may I take a photo with you” or “you and your friends look so adorable/fantastic” or the one that I am always quite surprised is question about my wearing of corsets.

But on the 24th, Tuesday after having payed my farewell to Math class, until Thursday, heading home had led to having an interesting conversation and making someone’s day.  A visiter from New York, well no longer a visitor having said he’d been here already for two years, had seen my Demonia Trashville Boots and just began to laugh and smile and had mentioned how it brought back memories of the early 90’s (I was just a baby at the time) and how platform boots, especially those that were more the 4″ or more were so much in demand of a fashion craze with people in New York and how they would have, actual horns, yes actual horns coming out of their forehead. He had mentioned that this was done also out of the fashion craze back then to so show an exaggeration towards the strange/unusual. But believe me, there is a way to dress presentable even when being Goth or having a different preference in taste.

In all, the conversation went on with more informative detail and interesting stories of his experience growing up in New York during the 90’s. Pretty cool!

So here was Tuesday’s outfit, light enough for this humid summer weather.


Tons of Love Bites,