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It’s always a mission to find good quality jewelry, especially one that is of Steampunk and Gothic accessories. I’ve done my investigation, I’ve done my research and nothing, not even from www.goodgoth.com, VF shop, www.sighco.com (and a lot more of which I can name, but won’t) sadly do not sell good quality jewelry. But don’t knock these shops down cause of that, believe me. They make it up in good clothes/misc./shoes/products/and stockings from where they lack in good quality jewelry.

But, it still didn’t solve my problem, until two years ago, when I was reading a post from http://adorabatbrat.blogspot.com/ (how I love this awesome girl). She was doing a 30 day challenge, I use to do those, but for some odd reason I stopped. Must make note to continue it again! -Back to what you were saying- Oh yes! While watching the video and reading the blog post she mentioned a bat brooch. It was the most adorable and cutest brooch I’ve ever seen. Being the curious cat that I am, I wanted to check it and see just what was in store and to be seen. To my surprise everything was and is marvelous, well priced, and made of great quality. I was truly taken back by how gorgeous all the beautifully designed accessories and jewelry items pinkabsinthe has on her Etsy. Sadly, my little gift card that I had of the American Express (funny thing, I’m not accustomed to using that little guy, but I am with the Visa gift card) did not work for me at the beginning when I was buying the bat ring, but there is another matter at hand that has still to be solved. Someone apparently used it too. So now it’s back on the case to figure out who was the idiot that dared to touch it. -,.,-

-Em, focus here Izzy. No going out on a rampage now!- Oops, well, what I have found from pinkabsinthe, was perfection and care not to mention a true craft for designing such enchanting, wearable pieces of art. So check out her etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/pinkabsinthe and check out all the neat modelling Adora has done with these pretty necklaces and more, http://adorabatbrat.blogspot.com/search?q=pinkabsinthe.

Victorian jet glass cab filigree gothic adjustable ringSteampunk brass  keyhole choker  with key pendant Gothic necklaceVampire Gothic Bat ring with black drop pendant(the ring I wanted to buy, but could not. At least not yet.)

Victorian skull cameo filigree gothic adjustable ringGothic necklace victorian neck corsetSilver Filigree Angel's wings  pink Rhinestone Gothic necklaceWholesale lot of supplies for gothic steampunk victorian jewellery craftingVictorian cat cameo filigree gothic adjustable ringAnatomical ribs cameo tattoo necklace

Tons of Love Bites,