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So far a lot of wonderful things have happened during the month of July. Class is doing beautifully well, had a wonderful time at Supercon, went walking around throughout the mall and found a HUGE candy stand, and most wonderful of all, July 5th, my lovely and very much awaited Demonia Trashville Boots arrived!

A full month, 2 weeks and five days was just too long, but I couldn’t think negative of it, considering I kept a close eye on my order and contact with the GoodGoth staff. They are most helpful and always spot on, not to mention understanding when it comes to some issue/delay with an order. If there’s one thing I learned through economics and a breif brush-up in Economics about business is that to have a thriving business always get yourself known and make the customer happy! After all, I am going to attend 4 years at the university for my bachelors in business.

Aaaaany who, what with having been patient for a very long time, I was beginning to get a bit impatient, but I couldn’t bring myself down, and so after getting my mind off my delayed boots on July Fourth, July 5th felt like a whole new day and I just couldn’t wait any longer for my boots. Once arriving home, it was off to bake some delicious Lemon-Raspberry cupcakes, recipe seen here https://izcentric.wordpress.com/2012/07/19/birthday-beach-and-lemon-raspberry-cupcakes/. While having my moment in the kitchen, the puppies (over-grown puppies) start barking and so, yoo-hoo, mail’s here. *sigh* -same old mail, so soon?! Darn it!- Yet to my surprise I saw a big, green box on the porch and there they were! My boots had arrived! Finally!

So here was my plain look,  

when you’re in a rush to head to class there’s no time for much except maybe crazy hair. haha

 Could it be?!

I think it is!

It is! Wihooo!!! My boots have arrived! Time to tear that green plastic into shreds!

*drools* okay not really, but isn’t it every goth girls/guys dream to have a new pair of Demonia boots come in the mail? It is mine. Can’t wait for my next pair, Matte Demonia Trashville Boots.

Haha, looks like Jojo enjoys the scent of new boots too. It’s intoxicating (in a very good way).

Time to unveil the wonderful, shiny darlings.

Oh, and not to worry Asylum! I took a couple photo’s I’m sure you’d love to see. 😉

Haha Long, pale legs. XD Always the best when walking long distance in a short amount of time.

 I love my Demonia Trashville Boots. They really are super comfy! Just make sure not to run in crazy full speed, I nearly did, and not because of falling, but because it can tarnish the foam heel. Don’t want that to happen.

Tons of Love Bites,