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Even though I had the four-day pass, three days of the event was plenty for me. Especially since the first three days are the true life of the Convention. And so it was time to have my fun and stay the latest as possible for the BEST ending of the night that I was DYING for; to see Celldweller perform live for the first time. But don’t be fooled, just because it was my first time seeing this gorgeous, talented musician live doesn’t mean that I am naïve and new to the whole story and history of his musical career and works. Celldweller has always played a huge part in many days of my life and been a part of my taste in music since his first album in 2003. Many, when I was in highschool, knew about his music through some of the games it was featured in, but a few only knew him through his work with composing/creating the theme song for Mind Freak.

Any way, other than rambling along, here is the last day of the most fun event of the year (until Mizucon in August of course).

  Looks like this lovely girl is ready to get a move on after having done her friends makeup. But before heading down to the first level (first floor) it’s time to take a photo of Venom.

 Awww looks like Venom wants to hug. Wait, just don’t jump on me. I could catch you, but not carry you. You’d be too big for me to hold. o,.,o

Finally it was time to walk around the first level to check and see if there was anything worth while, but in my way of doing so I happened to bump into an old friend (Chavelin) that I had not spoken for quite some time and right after I was poked in the rib cage by a tiny, yet spunky girl (Gaby) that I had almost thought I lost complete contact with since graduation from highschool. Seems that there are a lot more people attending college that I had anticipated. But after recieving a wonderful bone crushing hug from her and having my spine cracked by her love and friend of ours, Guss/Kiba, and having the chance to catch up on a few things it was back to walking, but this time with Chavelin.

But I wasn’t expecting what we ran into. It was quite the hilarious site of a group of cosplayers an umbrella corporation guy dancing. Hehe And what with that happening, why wouold you let the oppurtunity to take a photo or shoot a video pass by? We certainly did not. And then a song I grew up with in middle school began to play and I couldn’t resist. I had to join in on the fun and laugh and dance around (badly I might add) and enjoy the fun with a few other people who joined in as well. XD haha I had asked Chavelin to join in, but she didn’t want to (she is quite the photographer). Camera gear takes precedence over jumping around. Very important!

What with having all fun and games with giggle attacks it was then time to go off and disappear and head back down to first level and see if something caught my eye, which after conversing with a few artists, two items did eventually catch my attention and I just couldn’t leave without them. Sadly they were not any weapons, but I’m saving for a very special katana I had seen at the convention for three years straight. I can only hope it will be in my hands the following year.

And so what caught my eye?

 and poster/full print of Donnie Goth  How I love that cute boy. Even if he is a comic. But what makes this print all the more speciall is the signature of the artist/creator himself.

The booth was pretty cool too, especially the drop background. hehe ^,.,^

 More wonderful comics.

I got a free “Tommy” sticker too/. ^,.,^ So happy!

After having had a bit of an expenditure, enough but not that bad to kill my wallet, it was off to taking more photos and be taken photos of. Along with checking out a few other cool booths.
Two very gorgeous Industrial Metal band members.

Found this marvelous girl on http://www.facebook.com/Twenty2Life#!/photo.php?fbid=457196717631622&set=a.457192317632062.106626.362410583776903&type=3&theater

Here’s the link to the page: http://www.facebook.com/Twenty2Life#!/Twenty2Life

 Father and Son. Makes me think of King aruthur for some reason, and his dad makes me think of a Pirate. But either way it was a nice photo and then having had quite an interesting conversation with Sir pirate. He used to an undecover police and he mentioned a very sad, but shocking story that occurred on one of his investigations. Like I always say to my little brother, you never stop learning and you never truly know just what story someone might have to tell you, especially a retired police officer. I do hope they enjoyed there time at the convention.

Squirrel Man eating sushi?! o,.,O

I couldn’t resist not talking to and taking a picture of this adorable little baby Harley Quinn. I just ggigled with how cute she was, and wow. She posed too. Ooh, someone is going to be a cosplay Harley Model.

Gumbi!! I had to get a hug and then a photo of Gumbi. He was my childhood clay humanoid that I died to hug, but sadly could not. Until now.

 Awww, my adorable Sammi. I should have taken a photo of her make that I did for her. It came out quite nice if I so myself. She surprised me with those kawaii neko ears she bought. Looks like they’re making them differently. I still have mine that I bought two years ago at Supercon and they’re still going strong, but I will show why next time.

O,.,O And they call me terrifying?!  This is my friend Sarge (Sammi’s boyfriend) The two of them are just too cute, but he’s making her get addicted to Minecraft. And not a healthy dose I might add.

Sammi had then told him to stop making the creepy face. Aww, Sarge is sad now. Too bad!! That face was too creepy! o,.,o

It was then time to have Sammi show off those ears and, apparently, a tail too! Woohoo!  She became quite accustomed to doing that pose, I guess it stuck.

After having our little fun it was time to wait for Jess (she was running late the poor thing, being exhausted after staying so late to finish watching the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” Live I wouldn’t blame her). Any who, while waiting, looks the Umbrella Corporation was searching for a certain Goth girl.. Oops! Time to run. Looks like they found my victims again. Damn! I could have sworn I hid them away where no one could find them. *gasp* Zombie Pet! Bad boy! Gotta fly.

Looks like they’re plotting a plan to capture this elussive feind.

Oh no! They’ve made their plan of attack. Better sit this one out. Damn.

 *vanishes* looks like they’re on the move.

Damn, I’m surrounded. I can’t leave the ballroom. They have them gaurding every door!

*sigh* Well, at least I’m still having to wait for Jess, so it’s okay until then. For now I’ll just sit and converse with my sister and her bf.


After 00:30 minutes of waiting, my lovely Jess finally arrived and we were off to take more photos and be taken photos of one last time. ^,.,^

Saw was in character, but I still think his lips were sewn shut. Either way, it was a cool photo.

 After our photo-fun time, we headed down and watched a good part of the wrestling. The suspense was killing me though (to get a good seat to see Klayton “Celldweller”) so I didn’t sit around to see the best part, Joker wrestling for the last night at Supercon, but I was happy with making my early departure to the other side of the ballroom. Got awesome seats and just couldn’t wait any longer for the best performance of the night!

Setting up.

 hehe My seat had caution tape all over it. Hmm, wonder why? Was a pretty damn good chair. haha XD

It’s starting!

 Yay!! Woooo!!!It was just starting and going strong all the way to the end! How I love this man and his music. ❤

 After the best ending (Frozen and Switchback as the last two songs) it was then time to wait and enjoy a good conversation and here all the fans and have their questions answered and have the chance to take a photo with the wonderful Klayton.

 Sadly the sweet guy who took the photo for us was still a little shakey after all that adrenaline pumping Electro Rock music/performance. Hell we all were. But the lighting was also shitty, but hey, can’t complain. I got my photo, and got a chance to talk with my favorite musician and got to introduce my sister Jess to the music and hey, 😉 looks like there are now two crazy goth/alternative girls that are in love with this hot/talented musician. ❤

Sadly it was finally time to head back home and wait another year for our precious Supercon to arrive once again.

Tosn of Love Bites,