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It’s been about a week since Supercon and I’m missing it terribly. *sigh* Sadly it’s taken me longer to post these lovely photos than I had anticipated, but they’re slowly on their way up! ^,.,^

So here we go into day 2 of Supercon!


The three lovely sisters at their second day at Supercon ^,.,^

Time for a little stroll…

Time to check the program.


Alright, break’s over. Come on Zombie Pet. ^,.,^

<— Our handsome Zombie Pet. So Cute. We had to make sure of course he didn’t go off biting any heads off some people, but there were acceptions to a few unlucky ones. Mwuahahahaha!!

It’s Dr. Zoiberg and Fry! Hey there Dr. Z. hahaha XD

Neat Darth Vador. Hmm, wonder what the sword was for though. Maybe he’s taking a new leash on life without the use of a lightsaber.

 He was so cute! Such a shame though he wasn’t full of real pocky or Ramune. Hey wait.. He stole our money! Get that little snack machine!

 She’s so cute smiling away while filming the Joker and the Caveman wrestle.^,.,^

Jess and Green Guy (Jimmy) ^,.,^ Awwww!

Ooh, I’m glad they got him instead of me. Let’s hope they don’t find any of my victims. *cleans up the remaining evidence*

Awesome photo I should say.

Tons of Love Bites,