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Time to get packed and ready, not too happy though that my boots did not arrive in time for the lovely event. So it’s on to stuffing, or shoving pratically all of what is needed in the bag and it’s out the door and on my way to my sweet sister Jess’ house. I think I must have packed my cat or dog in that bag because the bloody thing was so damn heavy! Or was it my little brother? Oops!

 Getting there! Apple is a must. Okay, three more.  Into the bag!

Better start getting ready!

Let the craziness BEGIN!  ———————————————————————————

 Who’s that handsome man tied up in a straight-jacket? Oh Mr. J…! Haha

Our sweet sister Sammi with the gorgeous couple.

Time to walk and check things out.

I caught box guy’s head! Well.. half of it.

Weapons! My second love next to my love for my gothic boots. haha

 I would kill for them all! It’s always a good thing when you get to make friends with the vendors at the booths. There’s always a heads up with the new shiny objects that I simply cannot wait to get my hands on.

Some of those are indeed real swords. Other though were just mere child’s play pieces of plastic. Bleh

 On my way to another aisle surrounded by swords I ran into a certain little fish/mermaid girl that was too cute to ignore. PONYO!

Slimmer! How I always found Ghost Busters to be entertaining. But the first movie of course. They destroyed the second.

Looks like the Ghost Busters are getting their equipment ready to catch a certain green glob.

Ran into Harley and Mr. J once again. Funny thing was that Mr. J was the same guy Jess and I took a photo with last summer at Mizucon. Being a cat and now dramatically changing to the Joker. But wrestling Joker was bad ass!

My excape route! I’m so happy they remembered to bring it this time. They forgot to last year and after devouring a few victims I had to make a miraculous escape without leaving a trace. Phew. Thankfully I was able to do so. Damn you Police phone booth!

*dies from happiness* How I would have loved to have all those swords and katana’s for my own.

One thing I was extremely happy about to see this Supercon was a wonderful alternative/Goth booth that sold wonderful things from Lip Service.  Bought two lovely things that day, but seeing this cute little number was just the cherry on top of the first day (along with many other reasons).

It was then time to head upstairs to the third level (third floor) and walk around, be taken photos of with Jess. and watch our cute Sammi have her fun the first day of Supercon with her attention loving “Homestuckers”. hehe ^,.,^

Ran into an extremely missed friend of mine! Clarais! How I missed you soooo much. I was so happy to see you and get that awesome ribs crushing hug from you that I long missed. But she looked so cute in her kawaii outfit. I believe she was Alice from Wonderland.

Box Guy! We meet again… and this time you have a shoe print on your squared head. Ouch, someone got one hell of a kicking.

It was then time for a break. And with that, it calls for RAMUNE and POCKY!! I’m sure you can guess who got what.

The Drinker.

The Nibbler.

Before leaving, saw a couple of cuties and took a picture of them. The one in the blue vest-jacket looks like he’s getting ready for soul to be sucked away into the lense of the camera. Hmmm… I wonder. *FLASH* Agh! Blasted little monster!

Any way, it was time to head down and watch wrestling Joker kick some ass! Along with a few other wrestlers there. But before any of that could begin, my attention was caught by the most gorgeous Albino Burmese Python and I just couldn’t resist to ask and hold him as I did many years ago at the age of 6. I must say, this 6years old cutey, named Zeus was in love with Jess and I. Hmm, belongs to one of the wrestlers huh. Looks like this snake is into getting in on the action. ;D

haha, but in all seriousness this guy was just too cute to leave it be.

 A friend of ours that wanted to get in on the action and maybe some smooching with this handsome little guy.

Hmm, but I think Zeus (the snake) had some other preferrences in mind that evening. He’s going in for a big kiss with Jess!

Ooh, what a casanova! Looks like this snake really does go for than just one kiss. -Hmmm, some tongue action there Izzy with a snake I see.- Aww, he was too cute to turn down. ^,.,^

 In the restroom taking some photos. Shh, I caught Sammi secretly though! hehe, I’m going to have to post the video to make this less of a time killer. haha

A friend from last years Mizucon! Such a handsome Hatter he is. Not to mention having Casey Hack on his left arm. Careful you don’t “kiss it”.

 Oh well. Looks like I was too late.

More bathroom photos. haha

 We strike again!

 Two hot sisters once again at “photoshoot.” haha

Oh, and here is that cute little Sammi that I caught secretly. She never saw me! Hehe. Although, i wish it was a bigger photo since when I caught her, I believe Sarge was taking the photo. So walking as fast as I did, I took quite a small photo. But hey, I caught her smiling! ^,.,^

Well, I’ll start posting more tomorrow. They may be late, but it’s well worth it. Plus, having class during the summer takes up most of my attention.

Tons of Love Bites,