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June 20th was the birthday of my sweet friend “Twiggy” (Jorge). You know who Sammi, Jess, Sarge. He’s becoming sooo old. haha, 21 already! I can’t believe it.  It’s Dirty Grandpa. hahaha

Anywho, after some good ole’ grandpa humor I have to say that the following day, when we (Jess and I) went to visit Sammi, Sarge and Twiggy and his puppy (who has razor sharp teeth) was a lot of fun and quite entertaining. But of course, what with being such an accidentprone and unablke to keep away from such a cute little puppy I always in the end left the house with some battle wounds. Ouch! But I wasn’t about to leave without having taking any photos; oh no. The photos were simply too funny and well, without further adieu “The Lovers”. hahaha
 (No not really. It’s just my friends Jorge and Sarge playing around and being their merry, loving selves. Quite the lovers) hehe X3

Someone is quite the jumper! o,.,o

The puppy too?! *gasp*

 Ooh! Sarge boobs. Sarge! Don’t tell me you have better boobs than I?! O,.,O I think he does. *Boob squeeze* haha

Back on the chase!Pinned!!

Hmmmm, having a little too much fun. haha XD

Well, even though this was quite a late post, that day as just too funny. And my ribs did not stop killing me.

Such a cute yet bored Sammi

Jess playing with the adorable yet devilish puppy.

Tons of Love Bites,