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Ignoring the cramps and bruises, it’s been a hectic day getting ready and making sure that everything is ready for tomorrow morning once I leave home, on my way to my beloved Jess’ home. Supercon is just ONE day away and we cannot wait anylonger!!

But what with all this wonderful running around, I seemed to have almost missed a very important and long awaited email that simply could NOT be ignored. After being in backorder for over a month, goodgoth was finally able to stock up on Demonia Trashville Boots and with having heard that, the lovely news was that, now, my precious cargo was finally shipped today and being a very patient, proud gothic mom of those new boots I simply CANNOT wait anylonger! I’m dying to recieve those gorgeous boots and jump around like a mad girl hyped-up on sugar/caffine/and whatever other hyper-inducing concoction/toxin out there. haha

Time to get my corset ready, and the makeup bag set, well… not sure if it would truly be considered a “bag” what with it being in a medium sized brush pouch and in a few other here-and-there miny pouches or hand bags. I really should get a proper bag for my makeup.

  Hmmm… not much, but I come up with some really neat looks with these little guys.

Funny, I’m crazy about taking care of my pretty pale skin, and yet I don’t place what goes on my skin in a proper case. Good thing I take care of my paint brushes a lot better along with the makeup brushes too. But then again, I use a thin bristled paint brush most of the time for my makeup. It feels weird without being able to hold a proper painters brush in my hand when I’m “painting” on my face. haha

 (This is my favorite.)

This bag stole my choker! haha, no, but this is most definitely a makeup bag Iwouldbuy.

Well, if I’m going to wake up as early as I plan to, I better head off to bed. Besides, my bed is calling me and it’s saying “Izzy… Izzzzzzzyyyy… Come wrap yourself up with me.” Hmmm, I think my bed loves me a little too much. Aww, what the hell. I love it too.

This is true. Yet sadly, I never get to do that.

Tons of love Bites,