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In less than three months, without having had enough strength or energy to keep up with half of my usual day-to-day schedule after getting my immune system slowly back on track, there has been a bit of mess that has been growing and nagging at me with such great annoyance that I could stand it no longer. I’m so ashamed to have actually let it get this bad. So it’s time to pull back those sleeves and put on that skull printed bandanna and get cleaning!

My Nightstand, Candles, candles, books, more books, and a few other items, oh what do you know, my glasses too. o,.,o Oh my.

 More books. I need to build a corner shelf. Yeah. Alright, onto homedepot for some pine wood boards or to some inexpensive shops.

 *drum roll* The mess. I’m so embarrased to show such a monstrosity. Uh-oh, –quick, grab the glue gun!- Psst! It’s in the circle.

——————————————————————————— (TIME TO CLEAN)———

Found my first backpack used in my first semester of my college career, beginning.

Poor thing has been through hell. But it did put up a good fight throughout the long run (3 semesters worth).

 Wihooo!! Being a Jumpstart student, even though jumping straight into college right after graduation (from highschool) without any summer break, was well worth it! The best decision I’ve ever made that got me started earlier and helped me out a lot with having a very wise professor.

Sadly, this poor bag has had to be let go of. The tears were not salvageable, but these lovely photos and my memories will always be with me.


Haha, ever had a clean garbage can? I do. XD

 Hmmm, sometimes I do wonder about myself.

And so, how did the mess turn out you ask? Marvelous!

It’s an empty passage way! YAY! I can walk through it now.

 Better, much better. Not more books/boxes/pillows piling over each other.

My lovely wolf skateboard, oh and my hand. Em…. who put that there?! o,.,o

Hey! I’m allowed. I have yet to paint it anyways. But there’s the mess and what now is no longer a mess. ^,.,^ After having had my first exam today, it’s time for bed. I hear my velvet pillow calling me. Wtih a glass of water. haha

Sweet dreams. Don’t let the bed bats bite. (Unless it’s me. Then it’s okay. Mwuahahahaha)

Tons of Love Bites,