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Sunday morning, what with not having slept a wink all of last night, I’m surprised I even woke up this morning at 10:30AM. Falling asleep at midnight, getting up again, feeling dizzy and fainting spells, the need to drink a never-ending amount of water along and then having fallen asleep and woken up again. Last night was just NOT my night.

 I wish I could have slept so nicely in warm pelts of fur such as Holo. T,.,T

And so, after a late yet delicious breakfast, and a few moments of drawing it was time to go on a drive to a few places with my dad, me being the driver of course. Let’s just say though, what with not having driven for a good while, I was a bit rusty behind the wheel and made not such a wise decision of going into full incoming traffic. -You’re telling me!! Don’t be such a baby! Shape up Izzy! You screwed up, you did a shitty move and you know it! Get out of the fucking comfort zone and show that it was a little act of being so damn rusty behind the wheel. Do the driving or the job better.- Yeah, I’m a real bitch to myself.

Don’t ask me why but I’ve always been that way since I can remember, it’s a good thing, but also not so much of a positive all the same. But I know what I did wrong and corrected myself, got back on track, drove around the airport with my dad as the passenger, then back home and to the library once again, and with better maneuvering and decision/strategy making. Note: With little driving comes little knowledge of the road and the crazy people driving on it.

After my silly actions and then getting my head set straight again it was time for a well deserved homemade fruit smoothie.

Strawberry-Kiwi w/Frozen Yogurt Smoothie-


  •  1 Kiwi (cut in half)
  • 10 Frozen (Fresh) Strawberries
  • 1 cup Frozen Yogurt (Vanilla)
  • 1 1/2 cup milk

Strawberry Preparation: I use fresh ingredients in everything and I  make no acception to any one who wishes to use otherwise. You will simply cut the tops of the strawberries. Basically where the leaves are located (yes I have met people who do not know this). After they’ve been prepped, freeze them and done.

Directions: First add Frozen Yogurt, Milk, Fruits and start pulsing (or just press the on button and let it run, don’t take your hand off the top).

Tons of Love Bites,