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It’s Tuesday, the first day of classes and my first impression of my professor was wow, this man is histerical (in a comical sense). But it didn’t start off that way. Right after arriving at the building, people were standing outside (seems that alot of students still think that the doors are forbidin to open unless the professor has entered first), so looks like I was only brave enough to open up the “sacred” door. And so, as the sneaky wolf that I am, I led the my victims/meals into the classroom and devoured them without a second thought, after offering them some apples of course.

 (I’m turning out to being quite the big, bad wolf) ;D

Haha, sadly no. But still, looks like the Goth girl has to be the leader once again; which I have no problem being when needed to. hehe

But back to my main discussion, as soon as this professor entered the class, there was nothing but DEAD silence! Which lasted for a good 15 minutes at best, until the rest of the class appeared that is. Shoot, I should have done away with them too! Darn! Oh well, there’s always next time. ^,.,^

All I can say though, is that this second term of the Summer Semester is definitely NOT what I expected, but it is indubitably hilarious especially with a professor who throws in jokes about his early years as a “pimp” in Moscow. So he uses the term. haha

And so, after having spent a good month with my Tia Liz, it was time to go back home, not for long though. Where am I now you ask? Where esle, back again in the home of my aunt watching the adorable kitty and making sure that she does not get into any trouble. So far. But I can’t complain, which I never do. I always enjoy these fun moments. One always needs some escaping or a good dose of responsibility in their lives. (o,.,o When did you sound so good?) XD

But what’s the fun in arriving without a lovely outfit?

 Looks like Nino wants to be a part of the picture.

After taking a few photos of a couple things, it was time to get back on duty and watch this mischevieous cat. And what luck! I caught one of my favorite films just in time, Resident Evil: Afterlife.

There’s nothing better than having the chance to kick some undead ass. I could sure use it. haha

Tons of Love Bites,