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So maybe a perfect world is too difficult, especially in my mind with keeping the scaredy-cat cheerleaders away. But a cheerleader with a secret? A zombie hunter secret?.. haha, I just can’t stop my self from laughing!!

 (How I love the punk Zombie.)

But minding my little comments, I was never expecting a game that has one of my favorite ghoulish, gore, decayed bodies being murdered/destroyed by a CHEERLEADER! Not in my world, but sadly it is in my world (in a game at least). But of course with a slutty looking cheerleader with a chainsaw that looks like it’s meant for a cutesy plush toy. *sigh* But looks like this just so happens to be the entertainment.

In all, the game looks pretty cool, but I would rather become gothic ghoul myself then play as that cheerleader as a character in the game to assassinate and demolish all site and bits of zombies.