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Upon arriving home Saturday night, it was time to ready my self for Father’s Day and get to bed. I desperately needed the sleep. And so…

*Yawn and stretch* Mmmm, that was a good nights rest. ^,.,^

-Good morning sleeping beauty, did you have a nice night? … Very much, yes!… Oh good. Now, GET STARTED ON THAT DRAWING!!!!- o,.,o Going

So it was time to draw a beautiful sketch of two resting cranes and one in mid-flight. Came out quite beautiful, not to worry though, the photos will soon appear. So after wishing my dad a “Happy Father’s Day” it was then time to devour a cookie (made by Cookies by Design, my mom was given a very adorable basket filled with these little yummies) that I was very happy to have chosen to become my victim! hehe

 Not my victim. Yet.


Before the biting. (Ironic yet adorable since it reminded me of the nurses in the hospital that took care of me. They were very sweet, patient, and understanding. Especially with having a very ill patient.) Note: My nurses did NOT look like bears. The cookie is just wearing the uniform of theirs.

No EAR!!

 Oh no! His head is gone!! x,.,x



I show no mercy to cookies. haha XD They must probably be plotting their revenge against me now at this very moment. haha

Oh, wait.

Any way, I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day.

Tons of Love Bites,