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Before starting summer semester second half, a girl has to have some fun and what better way to do so than to go biking for a good two hours and then on my way with my lovely Jess and her military brother and friend to the Everglades (my most favorite place in Florida). But we didn’t go walking around throughout the hiking trails within the Everglades; oh no, we went to somewhere better, a abandoned rocket/missile facility, which its location/coordinates shall be kept secret (for now).

Such cool abandoned buildings and an awesome shooting area. I sure know I can empty a few mags into a couple old stones or bits of metal. God knows I need the stress relief, but hell I’ll take exploring abandoned places with my Jess and her brother and his friend any day. Especially since I failed to bring with me a camera, but there will be a next time and I cannot wait. ^,.,^

I’m a sucker for exploring these interesting places, especially when finding incredible items that are not expected to be there. Such as finding a mannequin and keeping its hand, and Jess keeping the toe. haha Along with a few other neat finds.

But for now, it’s time for bed and to get some sleep in before Tuesday morning.

Nighty, night. Don’t let the bed bats bite.

Tons of Love Bites,