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In less than 5 days it will be Father’s Day, and one day after that it will be the 18th (Tuesday) and it’s back to class (Summer Term: Second half). Most important on the list first off for me is celebrating Father’s Day. Class is always easy, especially with it being mathematics.

So it’s back to going crazy once again in the stores/malls/shop/ etc.,Β and figuring out what my dad wants and buy something to surprise him with and show how much he is loved and appreciated for everything he’s done. NOT! I am not someone who wishes to waste money like that, as how many tend to do. Now you may be thinking “She’s cruel! How horrible for a daughter not to buy something for dad on Father’s Day.” Okay, probably not as dramatic, but near the usual complaints I hear. haha, But no; in all seriousness I’d rather draw/paint my Father’s Day gift for my dad. Drawings are more special. It is something that one takes time to complete and give sentiment to.

Β (How I love this BAT-man)

So it’s time to get started on my drunken lion or Samurai quote painting. But before I can even begin, I have to find some way to prevent bruising on my rib cage and hip bones since my body is raised off the floor by them when I lie on the floor (no matter if it’s carpeted or not, still hurts like hell).

Tons of Love Bites,