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It was an anxious night for a cat awaiting surgery the following morning. Getting to bed as early as I wished had not even occurred until 02:40 AM. As for my aunt, being woken constantly by the cat (who knew what was to lie ahead) had not even the slightest of luck with getting some shut-eye. After all, how would you feel under such a circumstance to have your tail removed without your own consent in the matter? Not so happy I presume.

Present Time: Monday 09:30 AM, it was time to wake up and gather what was needed.

  • Carrier
  • Cat
  • House Keys

Finally it came time to leave and head on our way to the veterinarian and from there, to leave poor kitty for her operation at 12:00 PM. How I did feel for her. So what is there left to do while waiting for a call to get the “okay” from the vet to pick up the tail-less kitty? A walk around Dolphin Mall. haha, Yay! Finally, some walking finally!! Especially at a place other than the house. haha XD

*sigh of relief* After a nice walk, a stop at a few stores, then lunch, it was then time to head on home and get things tidied up. -picks up her crazy hair and gets cleaning- But hey, I can’t clean without some good music playing. -plays Underworld albums-


Done! With that being said, it was then time to pick up the mutilated kitty and take her home, then go back into the war zone with her. -,.,- *sigh* I was desperately hoping not to, but sadly my wish was far from being granted. Believe me, seeing a cat without a tail and on top of that, having to put a cone of shame on her is just too embarrassing for the poor creature, yes, I will admit I laughed a bit, but no longer (especially after giving me such an evil glare of death o,.,o).

So far the battle is over, but I have a feeling the war is just beginning. I need a drink. Sake please!

Overall, I’m quite contempt with the outcome of the surgery and the stitching. It could have been better, but with little tissue to work with, they did a marvelous job.

Tail after surgery.

Not to worry, she’s doing perfectly well!

But here are a few notes on whether you are curious about tail operations on cats.

Cats are known to have a bit of a difficult time when recuperating after surgery. What with the tissue being as delicate as it is, the tail’s healing process is then hindered from acting as fast as it would naturally. Bleeding does occur, this is normal, if it looks as if it needs to be cleaned, hydrogen peroxide is advised to be used for cleaning the wound. Licking is also good on some wounds, even if they are quite severe. (Not on surgical ones though) A cats saliva acts like a natural healer, the enzyme lysozyme is found in many tissues and is known to attack the cell walls of many gram-positive bacteria, aiding in defense against infection. Too much licking can be harmful and cause lick granuloma. This is why Elizabethan collars are placed around the animal’s neck to prevent biting and excessive wound licking. Just remember to always keep in contact and consult with your veterinarian about the progress of the wound/amputated limb.

Tons of Love Bites,