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So it’s not like being in Resident Evil: Afterlife type panic, but it’s still not something to be happy about. The morning was a bit slow, woke up pretty late, around 11:04 AM. Agh >,.,< After I kept telling myself “5 more minutes and then out of bed”, since 08:30 AM. (I see how well that worked out) So my when my mom woke me, she picked up my laptop and *bang* onto the carpeted floor the laptop goes. A SECOND TIME!! DAMN-IT!!

Okay, it was an accident, but the lesson learned today: Never allow anyone, even your parents, to carry/use/or even come within reach of a computer-like item during the morning hours. They will drop it. >,.,<

What I have on my hands now, laptop is still doing good. It survived, but at the base of it there is a small opening, from the outer panel that guards the motherboard (brain)/mouse controls/wires/etc. and all that good stuff. Not to worry though, this girl is a smart gothic cookie and ready to fix up and face any good challenge. Besides, it’s always fun taking things apart. Anyone can do it. It only depends if you can then put it back together again. (So happy I know how.)

Tons of Love Bites,