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Summer’s just begun, but Lip Service is out and ready to roll with presales galore! Whether it be from Victorian based outfits, to the most stunning Steampunk collections. So lets take a step back in time and go for a little stroll down Lip Service lane shall we. *grabs umbrella*

  Definitely a step back in time and those boots; you can never go wrong with. I simply adore her outfit. -Izzy, you’re losing it- o,.,o

 The Westing Manor collection is one of my favorites. Ranging from the many styles and dark elegance, it’s no wonder there’s a presale for the Fall so soon in the beginning of summer.

 How I can never stay away for long from corset dresses or anything with the word corset in it.

Here’s the link:


So go insane, I know I’m just about to. Until next times step back in time.

Tons of Love Bites,