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It must have been quite a sight to have watched a film on a huge canvas and to drive in and pay only 25 cents for parking and 25 cents per person, rather than the $10 you pay now to watch a lousy movie, even the good ones (and that’s excluding parking). But that’s how it was 79 years ago when drive-in theaters were all the rage (still are). Must have been pretty cool getting to see Bella Lugosi on that big screen!

But even in its 79th anniversary, drive-in theaters have always been seen as quite the irresistible places for tons of viewers. I would love to watch a good horror film at one of the places down in Flamingo. But it’s rare that they show films around there, so it’s usually something special.

So go ahead and “admit one” ticket and cuddle up to a watch film and congragulate (well celebrate) the year of 1933, June 6, the day Richard Hollingshead Jr. opened the first drive-in theater on Crescent Boulevard in Camden, New Jersey. Oh! Don’t forget your car keys are in your ass-pocket. haha

Tons of Love Bites,