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You’re never too old to go for a walk with your parent(s). It just so happens that my dad thinks that’s what I believe. I don’t particularly enjoy being told that every time whenever I say no to going somewhere, but of course what parent doesn’t wish to go ahead and thorw in the guilt trip, especially to the first born. *sigh* But I love both my parents, even if they think I should add a little more color to my wardrobe. haha

But while walking around the garden and enjoying the beautiful scenery, I thought taking some photos would do it justice. Especially by sharing natures beauty with all of you.

That’s right. Little creepy crawlers call my attention. Haha

 I walked around a bit with this little guy and then threw it into one of the lakes in the garden. To my surprise the damn thing can actually swim! No! haha, my dad walking in range of my photo.

Small flowers in a bed of leaves between a few tree roots.

Daddy! hehe XD

 A lovely Plumeria. It’s fragrance is so sweet.

Sadly I do not know the name of this captivating plant.

 I’d hate to run into this tree. Ouch! >,.,<

Look at those thorns! o,.,o  Could you imagine actually having to pull or pluck out those thorns from your flesh. >,.,< Ouch! Another lovely plant.Someone’s trying to be one with the tree.


 Up, up, up! From a tree top, I like this photo I took. It makes me feel like an ant.

Zebra-plant. (Note: That is not the actual name)

It always amazes me just how it is that nature creates such wonderful colors and pigments.

Cold blooded reptile taking in some sun.

 Another insect. This lubber met the terrible end of a shoe. Eh, they aren’t so nice to the plants anyway.

Another beautiful photo of the Rainbow Eucalyptus.

A path to the unknown.

A lovely seat for two.

One of the many lakes in the garden. Yet not the one I threw that lubber grasshopper in.


 Some sawgrass growing in the lake. The tranquility of the marshes and Everglades has always been a favorite of mine, considering that it’s practically my backyard. It’s wonderful.

 An old, cut down tree trunk and a coconut near its roots.

 Another beautiful canopy.

 Lastly, but certainly not the least, is two beautiful, miniature orchids I couldn’t resist. I would have loved to have taken them home with me, but sadly the flower wouldn’t have made the car ride back home.

 But their beauty has been forever preserved within my photos for all to enjoy.

Tons of Love Bites,