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Close to a week ago, the news was announcing the local news (they make it so damn depressing half the time… -,.,-) and right when I was about to walk out the room, I hear that someone was viciously attacked by a cannibalistic man. I’m sorry, but did I hear that correctly!? Yes.

Someone had attacked a homeless man on the sidewalk, who was sleeping, mind you, beat him and then began to eat his face! o,.,o I know I have my moments when I’m starving for some ruby-red liquid, but I do it discretely. (Shhh, remember, you heard nothing!)

But looks like the zombie apocalypse has come early. Shame, I would have liked something more like Underworld, but without killing my beautiful Lycans. I love both my Vampires and Werewolves. They are, after all, the monsters I grew up with. And strangely enough, always loving. ^,.,^

I wouldn’t mind hugging, (etc.), that furry wolf man and secretive vampire.

But here’s exactly what went on. I believe humanity has honestly created its own monsters, the worst ones which are drugged to the point of no return.

Here’s more information on the attack.


Well, it’s time for this monster loving girl to go off and watch some NCIS.

Tons of Love Bites,