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It is the 166th birthday of Peter Carl Fabergé also known as Karl Gustavovich Fabergé. A famous Russian jeweller, best known for famous Fabergé eggs, made in the style of genuine Easter eggs, but using precious metals and gemstones rather than more mundane materials.

Since I could remember, when growing up and listening to all of the wonderfully, historical stories my Nonna told, still does, from her childhood and about World War Two; I was always intrigued with the little things my Nonna told me about how the tiniest piece of jewelery was treasured and how things looked like back then rather than the way they do today.  And when first seeing thislovely egg, I think I was around 7 or 8 when my Nonna showed me a photo of one, for some reason these beautiful jewelled works of art caught my attention from the beginning I layed eyes on them. (Well, on the photo that is.) The way they were made was just so aweing and intriguing. Especially to a little girl who had the curiosity of a cat/child. What can I say, as a child you expect nothing, therefore see everything!

And so, to my surprise, finding out that today was said jewellers birthday, I found it interesting and neat little fun fact to write about something that I remembered talking to my Nonna about as a little bamboletta. Bamboletta in Italian means “Little doll,” which is what my Nonna used to call me. Still does, but now since I’m so tall it’s bambolotta. haha

Any who, have any of you ever found something as intriguing as a child that you simply couldn’t believe your eyes even when you saw it?

Tons of Love Bites,