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  There’s nothing better than a good thunderstorm after the passing of your recently departed furry friend. But it’s all the more funny with you’re siblings coming over for a visit at our aunt’s house and having them think that there’s a ghost up stairs. hehe

But as for there being blood and water, while opening some plastic containing, don’t ask me how I managed to do this, but while opening the horrid plastic, my thumb got sliced and a lot of sweet, warm blood began pouring out. Thankfully not to the point of needing stitches. haha

Any way, here’s my bloody hand and thumb. >,.,<

Bandaged up.

So, tomorrow will be the first day, Bella, my Aunts’ cat, goes to the Veterinarian. Looks like she needs a bit of help to get her body back in order. So it’s time for fluids. Aghh… IV’s how I detest the feeling. Especially the flushing. >,.,<

Tons of Love Bites,