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It’s Saturday, wihoo the weekend! Isn’t it lovely? (Being sarcastic here)

Woke up at 08:27 AM, it was time to say bye to Aunt for the day and time to take care of the cat. Liquid anitbiotic was a breeze, but having to shove antibiotic as a pill down her throat meant war. Around the 7th try, after a long battle and quite a few unfair battle wounds, she took it and was done with it.

So the morning was good, but of course, one can never go one day without being called continuosly and being made more depressed than one already is. It’s been 2 weeks already since Dusty had stopped eating and 1 week without drinking water all together. She became extremely boney, lost a lot of body mass and was beginning to shut down. One never wishes to accept such terrible situations relating to death, which is why I suppose I just tried my hardest to get fluids back into her until leaving. But luck wasn’t on my side. Plus, there was her age to take into account. Especially with it hanging infront of my face as a reminder with a big, fat sign saying “It’s time.”

And so, today 05/26/2012 (May) at 07:58 PM, I recieved a text, and then called my sister, but of course, after hearing her crying, what I had been dreading to hear had hit me like a pack of wolves tearing me limb from limb, while screaming for my dear life. Dusty had died on my bed. I hung up and well, I’m sure a lot of you know what happens exactly when you lose a close family, furry friend.

She was 13 years, a mixed Russian Blue/Angora, and the sweetest, most loving cat that I ever had. Not to mention she was quite the dust-ball! The night has been filled with watching a few Disney films, and tearing here and there, but tomorrow should be swell. For tonight is when the water-works really kick in.

One always has to endure such painful events and always hopes for them to become at least a little easier to bare. Inevitably, they never are and only become more difficult with having to live on with those memories. It’s heart-breaking and not something anyone wishes to go through. At least I know that she is no longer in any pain. But when I return home, I will tell you this, my bed will forever hold a horrid memory for me.

I’m sorry I wasn’t there to hold you Dusty. I will always love you sweet kitty. ❤

  ❤ T,.,T

It will be a process. I hope all you’re weekends have been more enlightening.

Tons of Tear-filled Love Bites,