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It has now been two days since Wednesday night of my arrival to my Aunts home and goods news; the sweet cat is on her way to a slow, yet awesome recovery. No fever, gums are nice and pink, so is the tongue and the wounds are healing beautifully. The tail is my only concern, but today there seems to be some blood flow heading down, gradually to the tip. So, while playing the “Cat Nurse/Observer” during the day while my Tia Liz is at work, I have but nothing but loads of free time.

Free time for cat naps, playing around with the other kitty, drawing, reading, and watching my favorite childhood show, Crashbox! It came out around 1999. Not your everyday childrens TV show. Hell NO!! It’s better!

Β It was both entertaining and educational. That’s always a good combination!

After one hour of Crashbox, it was then time to calm the stomach and make some sandwiches. Made a new one today, too! Was sooooooo delicious!

Mini Croissant Ham&Turkey w/ Apple Jam:


  • two mini croissants
  • Apple Jam
  • Ham (Deli cut or fresh)
  • Turkey (Deli cut)
  • mixed lettuce (Spring Mix and baby spinach)
  • Kraft Mayo

Spread apple jam on each croissant, layer ham and turkey, mixed lettuce, and a bit of the mayo. (I never really like using Mayonaisse in ANYTHING.) I find the taste to be revolting, but surprisingly I’ve found it to be quite tasty with this sandwich.

Tons of Love Bites,