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The last two weeks have been filled with nothing, but worry over my sweet Dusty. At 13 years of age, close to 14, she doesn’t seem to really be holding on much longer. T,.,T I don’t want her to go, but at least she’ll meet all the other kitties and dogs before her and enjoy them in a better place.

Still, having dealt with the passing of many family friends before her, especially one that was a huge lovable pooch that I just couldn’t keep my hands off; you begin to think that maybe over the years of having dealt with such pain and dreadful experiences you’d be used to it. Sadly no. It never gets easier, it only gets harder. But I have to think optimistically for her to stay live and well. I have yet to hug her as much I want to.

Along with that poor girl, family friend disasters have occurred like day and night. One of which I wasn’t, nor even fathomed could ever happen, but did. So it’s off to take care of and help my much-loved Aunt with her own cat, Bella. (hehe, yeah I know) ^,.,^

So far things are doing okay, but she’s not moving much and is in a lot of pain, especially after having been ganged up and caught off gaurd by two tiny Dachshund.

Poor thing. And now, Nemo is back in the roof. >,.,< This is NOT turning out to be such a lovely break. I just hope both girls pull through and do extremely well. As for Nemo… Hmph, that cat is really going to get it from me. Making me worry like a crazed lunatic. Good lord, can’t a Goth girl get a break?!