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What has four legs, weighs 2,000 lbs and is a farm dwelling herbivore? A six-foot bullock named Chili. Now, being the carnivore that I am (I still eat my greens don’t worry), I just couldn’t believe how big he is and -says it in a hushed manner- how many stakes of lean meat I could get from that big guy. Mwuahahaha, I’d have nearly a year supply of meat galore! No offense.

*Don’t worry big guy, I won’t eat you. I’d feel horrible. I would more than likely enjoy walking next to him while taking in his grand stature.

I mean just take a look at him. I would just love to hug this giant! But he would give one hell of a kiss. Don’t you think?!

*lick* Agh, I’m covered in cow saliva. haha

O,.,O “You cruel!” “Hey, I’m only joking around.” “That wasn’t funny.” *sigh* Well now, enough arguing with ourselves.

But go look at him! Here’s a link to more information about this enormous, adorable grazing giant.


Chilli the giant bullock He needs two people to get him to move! o,.,o

I’m 5’8″, and I thought I was gigantor around my house, besides my dad. But oh no. As soon as I get on the internet and look up the Guinness Book of World Records, I just happen to come across something that made me feel so damn tiny. Bad enough my boyfriend already does that. -,.,- What with him being 5’11”. I don’t necessarily feel like an ant, but I do feel a tad diminutive. But hey, I love my guys tall and Goth. And I must say, I’ve found the goth guy of my dreams! ❤ All that is left is to drive my love to insanity. hehe

I’m getting there! 😉

Chilli the giant bullock It’s gigantor!

Tons of Love Bites,