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Agh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been having writers block like crazy! Plus, there have been quite a lot of things going on. Most of which is not so up-lifting sadly. But….I was very happy to know that today is my Aunts birthday. “How old?” O,.,O “I’m not asking. But hell, she looks good for her age.” haha Quite true.

Any who, what better way to enlighten your Aunts birthday, than to give her a call, while she’s at work… sorry Tia Liz. – uh-huh, tisk, tisk, tisk- and wish her “Happy Birthday!!”
^,.,^ Now it’s off to get a few lovely presents/goodies and keep them in secrecy until visiting my Aunt. Hmmm, I hope that will be this weekend. Must!

O,.,o Oh, eh.. you heard and read nothing. This is all part of your overly active imagination. -runs away in Demonia Boots!-

Anyway, it’s time to get ready for tomorrows day out to Walgreens and then for another day of sobbing. I wish there wasn’t any sobbing to be done, -sigh- oh well. Till tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Tia Liz ❤ Lots of Love

Tons of Love Bites,