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*Jumps with glee like an over excited child* hehe, Woohoo!!! After a good while of being quite the patient one, my dad and I, along with my two youngest siblings, have officially connected wifi and brought it within the household. Mwuahaha. But as it were, it does and will lead to a few, alright A LOT, of cons. Hmmm… But those are from what I see what occurrs with the little ones using it. -sits vigilantly-

This is exactly what I am up to right now. Haha.. with the same looking shirt and stockings.

Ah well. Tomorrow is Monday and I’m at my wits end with having to complete what’s on my “methodical” schedule. -Yeah right- But having to go to Walgreens is a must damnit! I need things for that Hatsune Miku and Lolita Doll Makeup. Grr…

*sits around developing a sneaky little plan*