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Today was “Jess & Izzy Day”. It was to be filled with laughter, our silly jokes, and nonsense. It started off just like that, what with being on a Trolley with, and I felt bad for the man, who was vomiting at the back of the trolley. But it didn’t stink, oddly enough, it smelled more like bananas. haha (But in all seriousness, we were let out of the trolley and the man was given some help, which was nice to see.) After that it was time to head off to the theaters and watch Tim Burton’s: Dark Shadows (starring Johnny Depp). But just 15-20 minutes into the movie, both Jess and I heard a man behind us, to what we thought was laughing, but then we realized it was not and that he was having a seizure. We got up and after saying four times, which is more than enough after two announcings, that he was having a seizure, only one man, sitting three chairs away from him went near the man to elevate his head so he would not choke. No one else had risen from their seats except for a mother (who left her child there) and myself and Jess (which we hauled ass out of the theater) calling for security saying that someone is having a seizure, they need help. Security arrived, but it was already when he was coming to, slowly. The man received medical assistance and was, from what I would imagine, sent off in the ambulance to the hospital.

We were both traumatized, and with the shakes. But what had really made my mind fuse with anger was just how no one; NOBODY, rose from their seats except for us to help, call for help, or even bother to mention that he was in need of help. Everyone else was simply GLUED to the screen and thought it was nothing but a joke. Two young adults, a middle-aged woman, and one man were the only ones who helped out and got the man help, four out of 35 people. Only four people helped, the rest, stayed sitting, and/or were standing watching in a bemused state of shock and ignorance to simply stand and look at the man who was having the seizure saying “oh my god” or “I can’t believe this”. To think that no one was getting up right when we said it the first time “He’s having a seizure” was what really made me realize just how useless the majority of people truly are in such situations. Yes, I do understand exactly how society works today along with its ridiculous accusations and what not, but to think that nothing was, almost, not done is just what rattles my brain.

Yes people go in a state of “fight or flight” response when such things occur, but to know that still after being told what was going on and seeing it, yet watching no one else do nothing, and this is where philosophy class comes into play for me, it just goes to show how it matters; not on how many people are there to see and witness what occurred, but how many people are willing to have the guts to get up and call for help and do something about it. I’m happy we were able to help and bring the man the assistance he needed. I only hope that the man is doing well, even now.