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Well, at least it wasn’t as bad as it was when I was younger, but I wouldn’t turn my back on my nose for even a second. -pfft,if you could- After a good 10 minutes, it was safe to get up, from what I could tell and get moving. Especially with expecting  a lovely visit from my beloved sisters; Jess and Zully. I fattened them up with that yummy Nutela Molten Chocolate Cake. Shhh, don’t tell anyone yet. They have yet to notice! hahaha XD But I was really bummed since my other sweet sister, Sammi could not visit. But not to worry, this witty goth girl has a few tricks up here sleeve and won’t give up so easily. But first, to Walgreen’s and buy some makeup supplies for a cosplay makeup. Must needs! Agh,,, >,.,< Grrr *grabs piece of paper and makes a list*

And tomorrow, to wake up, finish up with a few things here and there around the room and off to Jess’ house and to watch Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows”. Success! And they said that I wouldn’t see it till it was out on DVD. But sadly that is what happened with the new movie of Underworld. Nooooooooooooo!!! Not happy. It’s a must see movie on the big screen in my book. Ah, oh well, I still can’t wait to have it in my possession for my very own. *twists hands in a villian-like motion* ha, haha, hahahahaha! O,.,o eh… Back to normal now. Good news though. Falling asleep a little earlier. So, wihoo! Have to recover fully otherwise I will be on zero energy for TWO huge events. X,.,X Along with that, I have also found and done some research of my own about what I was going to explain about caring for the skin, and the results couldn’t make me any happier.

But the best news of all, lets ignore my mindless babble, Orville from “Ask Voltaire” has returned! Yay! haha How I missed that decaying corpse and his sarcastic humor! XD But it looks like Orville has been, quite, the naughty corpse, what with having been.. oh I don’t know; part of some necrophilia events with two Goth Ladies. Oh my! Orville; you naughty body you. haha Well, here’s the link:You know you gotta love Voltaire, oh and yes of course; Orville as well.

But before I go, I have to finish my “chalice filled with the laughter of small children.” It just wouldn’t make my night complete without it. (I’m sure you know from what Voltaire song that lyric is from. Hint: Black Unicorn)

*Drinks chalice and licks lips* ah. That was very filling. Mmmm. Goodnight for now.

Tons of Love Bites,