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It’s already summer here, well so it felt like around the end or April and beginning of May, this simply means to keeping an eye on the skin and having fun and going crazy, batty, etc. haha

So, quick geographical note, if you were lazy in school or have no knowledge of this what so ever, Florida has a tropical climate due to it being very close to the equator. The climate itself is a unique characteristic and which is why many, from what I’ve seen, tend to come down to Florida and take a load off.

But what with the heat getting stronger and back in check, it is once again time to get the sunblock/sun lotion out and a lot of umbrellas and time to start taking care of the skin. (As you always should.) But for now, I have to start going to sleep a lot earlier if I want to fully recover and have my energy back to normal once again, instead of it being abnormal (but then again, I myself am not one for normality, haha) and not the same as I’ve always been. So, before heading of to bed I must head finish up with a few things I have on my bed.. books. Yeah I know. I’m finished for the time being with classes, yet my bed is still being over populated by lots of reading material. The majority for recreational purposes. I’ve only just begun to go back to my old habits of reading around as much as I did. (But I tend to K.O a bit since sitting around still makes so damn tired. -,.,-) For now… *yawns* it’s time for….. be- *snore*

Tons of Love Bites,