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“NEMO!” “BELLA!” …”Dove stai?!”… Uh-oh. -looks at clock- … “IT’S 11:00?!” “Holy shit!”
O,.,O Agh, I’m going back to the way I was in the hospital. That’s not good! Looks like my body isn’t up for biting the bullet yet. This means no more staying up late for me then. Otherwise, I won’t get well enough and my energy will deplete to zero. Grrrr… No!
Also, not drinking enough water is taking a toll. *sets reminder* -she needs a reminder to drink water? o,.,O- eh…. hehe, well to drink more water that is. But after hearing the screaming from my Nonna, it was already time to move and get my ass out of bed.
*looks around* “Aha! Found you two.” They were hiding underneath the bed.

The other two were sleeping around, well.. that is until I brought the two little devils back in.

So far the weather has been a nice calming and cloudy day. No wonder I woke up so damn late. But Lady was next to me the entire time. Not such a fan of the weather.

Outside.. mmm, not so bad at all. I have my very own forest. haha, How I’ve never let that thought go as a child.

So, after cleaning and waking up my skin and retrieving the sneaky duo it was time to get dressed and not stay in sleep wear. agh… >,.,<

So here I am. No makeup. Not always needed, and I can be lazy about it. I’m not really someone who always needs it. Just a bit of a powder foundation and black eyeliner. Speaking of it, I have to come up with a few new ideas.

Gore hoodie! I love you. ❤

Not as much as my corsets though. o,.,o I can’t live without them.

 I purchased this corset top at www.goodgoth.com as well as the skirt.

Tons of Love Bites,