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So yesterday while baking some blueberry muffin tarts I may have overfilled one. And when you over fill something, especially when baking, it will bake, no worries, but it will over flow a bit out of the paper cupcake paper/cupcake liner/baking cup. Mine did just that, but thankfully not to the pointย of spilling over. Phew. Saved my self a mess, but it was still too close.

But getting to my point, when this occurred it didn’t hit me until I was shown by my little brother the way it looked like. haha, to my amazement, it looked just like a little alien head. XD haha

It has the antennas.

Now here’s my masterpiece!

ย Hahahahaha… XD This really made my ribs hurt. It caused too much of a giggle attack.

Tons of Love Bites,