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When a Goth has nowhere to go and nothing in mind, what do to then? I have “the cure”. -Turns up the speakers and plays Zombie Nation by Grendel- Gets me moving.

But what with it being already 01:29 am in the morning and me having yet to have gone to bed I must have insomnia. No, but this is what happens when one is bored for a good week and has nothing in mind because of either artist block/writers block/or plain blockage in the creativity and logical/working side of the brain. It’s not healthy staying around one area for a full week with nothing to do around the house. It does things to the psyche that can make you mad. Mad as a Hatter. pfft.. I wish I were with the Hatter. I would enjoy the flamboyant man and the wonderful tea party with the deranged rabbit while holding Cheshire in my lap and petting him and asking him to do his disappearing “act” with only leaving nothing but a smile of pointy pearly whites and yellow-green eyes peer into the soul with an intensity that would render one lifeless at the tea party. haha o,.,o

-I think she’s lost it. Don’t you?-

 Just look at him. Simply purrrrfect.

And so I am happy to say that I have thought of a sweet little treat to give my mom on Mother’s Day. Okay, two. A rose painting and a delicious molten chocolate cake with Nutela filling and garnished off with a bit of confectioners sugar and a leaf of mint. I’ll take a picture Sunday and voila! Something delicious and the recipe to come. But for now, it’s time for me to finish watching “The Munsters” and leave my sweet love a voicemail and then to hit the hay. Well, at least to give it a try. I have no urge to sleep what so ever tonight.

Tons of Love Bites,


Hope the week’s been better for all of you! ❤