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Since Monday it has been nothing but a boring week for the dead. And not the living undead that I would love to hold conversations with. haha. It honestly has felt as nothing but a week for staying in bed and honestly doing nothing and being a lazy couch potatoe, but even more lazy. If one can be such a lump on the couch that is. So what’s happened? Have gone biking, been going around and cleaning up here and there like a crazed clean freak anime character, crashing into a meter, getting some missed wounds, and watching a video that my Sammi introduced me to. The song is so f*cking addicting and catchy! It made me move around a hell of a lot and dance around like the silly anime/goth girl that am. Just the pink is what killed me. O,.,O  It burns!! It was too much!

As for keeping myself sane, well, half-way sane, I’ve pretty much been left to do nothing but poke the bruises and try and do things here and there. Hmm.. wait this Saturday is the 12 and Sunday is….THE 13TH!!!! AGHHH!!!!! -she just realized how close Mothers Day is- *sigh* Okay, okay, I have to do something.. hmmm, eh… uh-oh. agh! Okay, don’t panic, don’t panic… PANIC!.. Shit… o,.,o -gasp! someone’s a potty mouth-

Anywho, while I come up with something and continue to pull up my stockings here’s the cute yet addicting song:

Tons of Love Bites,